I Love My Neighbors

Walking in the #spirit

Giving my day entirely to God and getting blessings along the way....#sweet blessings...  :-)

Told a sweet cashier at Walmart that she was loved by GOD and that she was fearfully and wonderfully made!  She hugged me!

While Driving....

Penny #girl

I'm know for butterflies and pennies.  My sweet sister in Christ, Karen, found a penny and immediately thought of me :-)


Sometimes we just simply cannot decide.  We have too many choices...and then when we finally make one.....WOW....serendipity!  :-)

Yesterday I was craving Chinese food (so not pregnant) LOL. 

The one that I like best is in Waldorf, Md.  Way too far to drive at times, but so worth it.  However, yesterday I needed to go past the cleaners and pick up my overdue laundry.  (Praise Him ---> Thank YOU God that I can afford to put my clothes in the cleaners).  Ok back to my short story.  I immediately smelt something yummy while walking into the cleaners and my brain shifted from wanting Chinese food to whatever that aroma was.  But then I paused...."make a decision Neicy..."

Steak and cheese...fries...wings...?????????

"No, I want Chinese." I said to myself:  So I headed across the highway to the other shopping center only to find that the restaurant that I was looking forward was across from the cleaners....where I was just moments ago.  And then, I was a bit anxious about what to order because I'd never eaten there before.  I heard that it was good but I'm so funny and picky about my "Chinese food."

Choices right? Way tooooo many.

Anyway, as I settled on my order, my sister called.  So I took a step back to speak with her and lo' and behold....there goes my #penny from God.  He's still asking me to trust in Him as my upcoming retirement is only a few months away!  I love HIM so much, seriously, after all that decision making....how could I not trust HIM?!!

Oh Yes She Did............

An Answered Prayer

I never wanted to get married.  Or so I thought....and then I remembered saying to God that if I did, I wanted my son to be the one to walk me down the isle.  I didn't know my birth father and my step dad was not active in my life.  Lo' and behold, God heard that prayer request and answered it.  I'm divorced now, but this memory is one of my very favorites because although ________ is no longer my husband, this beautiful precious boy will always be my sweet son!  Thank You Lord!

My Person

We all should have a "person" and this is mine :-)

We went to see Beth Moore in Atlantic City and she said, "Turn to your person...."

His Shed Blood - My Answered Prayers

I was trying to think of a way that I could frame my answered prayers like Ms. Clara did in the movie, War Room.  The creativity given to me by my Father, gave me this idea instead. This beautiful woven fabric is a "metaphor of His shed blood" which now gives me direct access to His Throne.  In the precious name of Jesus, my prayers are heard and answered. 

Father, thank YOU for those times when you said, "Yes, no and wait."  A very special thank YOU for the times where You replaced my prayers for something bigger than I ever imagined.

This is just a glimpse of what You've done for me. I only listed 60 or so, but there are so many that You have answered and are still working on.  I love YOU, I trust You and I thank You so very much.  All my love, Your Princess Bride and humble servant :-)


I'm Dreaming and Believing!!!!!!!

To have one of my short stories become a play
To sell greeting cards
To publish more books
To have my poems turned into songs of praise
To have a godly marriage
To see a star (sky not celebrity) up close
To meet Sunny, my World Vision son
That’s all for now…

Where I Meet With My Jesus

One of my favorite places to meet with God is in my bedroom next to my window.  I can sit there with my bible, my pen and my journal and time after time, He will capture my attention in the sky.  He will do the most amazing things in the clouds and cause me to stop and #PRAISE!  He is so worthy and so faithful to show me His great love and affection!  He purposely sets His affection on me!

Below are some of my places to study His Word and seek His presence! I have poured out many tears in all of these sacred spaces.

I Belong to Jesus!

MY War Room!!

I absolutely loved the movie, War Room!  I love even more so that I have a "War Room" of my own! Not only that, I have many, many prayer journals where I can look back and see the faithfulness of GOD!  I have many, many unanswered prayers and I praise Him and THANK Him for the ones that He chose to say, "no" to.  I trust HIS Best is so much better than mine!

Above is Ms. Clara's "War Room" and all the pictures below are mines! My bedroom looks like "Crazy Faith" because I live alone, I can decorate any which way I choose! :-)
I praise and pray in my entire home.  There is POWER in the Name of JESUS!  I shall humble myself before my Lord! He has been too good to me and my family!  YES, I shall #praise Him all the days of my life!



My Wise Counsel

Making a U-turn

Had a yummy lunch with my beautiful sister last weekend and afterwards I was off to run some errands.  I made a wrong turn and therefore, had to make a U-turn.  WOW! Look at my Jesus!


I love the color orange and can tend to buy something for that reason alone.  I desperately wanted this sofa.  I mean desperately.  However, it is not a need, so I did not purchase it.  But I still want it. Lol

BFF's (Tessah's Birthday)


BFF's (Summer's Birthday)

It's only hair....