Is It Just Me?

I love looking up to the sky.  Day or night, You have something to show me.  In this photo it looks like a face.  I have several pictures in which I see something that resembles Your profound presence.

Becoming Me

Your God-given truth.

There will always be people who refuse to respect you – the way you look, the way you talk, the things you say, the styles you enjoy, your beliefs, your interests, your loves, etc. In other words, they won’t support you in being true to yourself. The good news is, it’s up to you if you want to let them mess with your character, or if you would rather stand up for yourself and accept yourself just the way you are. I beg you to choose the latter.

Do your best to be as good as you can be, and if that’s not enough for someone, it surely will be for someone else. You are not here to please everyone, and you are certainly not here to please them at the expense of your own truth. So care less about what they say and smile more about what you know is true. Live your life and be happy with yourself, without their judgments.

#Lord, because of your love for me, I am a blogger and I have completely exposed myself to the Universe.  Your word says that I a fearfully and wonderfully made and that truth sustains me!  #Freedom!

Being Content

All your present contentment.

Sometimes we avoid experiencing exactly where we are because we have developed a belief, based on past experiences, that it is not where we should be or want to be. But the truth is, where you are now is exactly where you need to be to get to where you want to go tomorrow. So appreciate where you are.

Happiness is a mindset that can only be designed into the present. It’s not a point in the future or a moment from the past; yet sadly, this misconception hurts the masses. So many young people seem to think all their happiness awaits them in the years ahead, while so many older people believe their best moments are behind them.

Don’t let the past, or the future, steal your present contentment. Stop over-thinking and worrying about every other time and place, every waking minute. Worry and rumination are the worst enemies to living happily in the present. Do what you need to do now, and value the process of doing so. Pay attention.

#Experience it. Life is too short for anything less.

Lord, being in the (center) of your will have taught me contentment.

Letting Love In

Love that comes naturally to you.

When you love openly and honestly, you always strive to become better than you are. When you strive to become better than you are, everything around you becomes better too. There is never a perfect time or place for love like this either. It happens naturally and accidentally, in a heartbeat, in a single flashing, fluttering instant in time.

As Robert Frost once said, “We love the things we love for what they are.” And this is precisely what gives life it’s magic. Where there is true love, there is true life.
Don’t let anything stop you from loving. Don’t let anything stop you from living

#Lord, my heart is open...but with conditions. Lol

Seeking You

My Lord, I found these because I am always seeking you and your word says, "Seek and you shall find..."
The first two crosses were on the ground and the last one was a peice of debris from a shoe and ended up on the inside doormat of my foyer.  WOW!  No words can describe it from the first moment I saw it.  It looks magnified in the pic but it was truly unbelievable to the naked eye at first glance!  Only JESUS!

And my dreams continue...

Life is indeed "seasonal" and I am basking in every single moment...#only because His Grace is sufficient.  I love how He loves me!  I am a daughter of the King and I feel so #loved!

I'm moving from the top to the bottom and so excited to lay in my hammock and listen to the waves, the bird's song and to feel the summer's breeze against my skin.  I'm certain to fall asleep. Lol

Fuller Girls Got Baptized!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fuller Family

Found this while packing...T looks so mad. Lol