I'm the big sister...

These are some photos I took when my little brother came for a visit.  I'm the BIG pretty sister and there's nothing he can do about it.  Lol

So NOT man's best friend!

I'm always missing my baby!
He was an introvert like his mommy. Lol

Which is it?

I'm either at complete peace or I'm crazy.  I was on my way to a doctor's appt. and stopped at Wal-mart to use the potty.  (I know...TMI) but anyway, I saw this swing and couldn't resist.  I sat there and swung in it for about 15 minutes or so.  People either smiled, spoke or looked at me like I was crazy.  Trust me, it's the first one...I'm at complete peace.  It was a sunny gorgeous day.  Who can resist that?  Surely not me. Lol

Authorized Absence from work...yay!


The little girl in me...

I used to sit in this room for hours making greeting cards by China's Creations. They were made with such love and detail.  I remember the first one I sold for $1.00 and then the demand went way up and I sold them for as high as $6.00.  They were a hit.  Who knew?
God knew, that's who!
Love for a great day!
I'm on the path to discovering a new passion.  Super excited to see it unfold...

His mercies are new everyday!

I love this photo because although it's not posted perfectly, the day that it was taken was a pefect 10!  Sunshine, laughter, friendship and memories.  Yay...cartwheels :-)

Fear Not

I am taking one of the biggest risk of my life and I am not afraid!

Not that anyone cares but...

Yesterday, March 7, 2012, at 1336 hours, I saw my first butterfly for the year.  Yay!  They are on the way. Cartwheels..............

My gran-girls love me to pieces

Tyonna and Jazmine. They love the Lord with all of their little hearts. I wouldn't trade my life for all the money in the world!