YAY! I've Made An AWESOME Decision About My Life & My Stuff!

Yesterday I was talking to my little sister, Kim and her daughter (my niece, Sierra) and the words just flowed from my heart to my lips.  It sounded so cool to hear it :-)

I'm going to treat #my life like an adventure and move around from place to place (providing there's a water view) and just be happy.  Eventually, I'll have moved so many times that all I'll have left is my bible, my bed, my books and my butterfly collections. Lol

How cool is that?!  I so LOVE being Me!  Thank you Christ JESUS! There Is Freedom indeed!!!!!

Yes, I'm going to follow my heart and my dreams!  Life is not about stuff and I have been fretting over so much stuff lately. 

When I moved from Waldorf (the big house) it was full of stuff.  And where I live now, is so perfect for me and the stuff that I currently have...but now, in my soon to be new (space) ... again (so perfect for me), there's not much room for the stuff I have. Lol

So, here I am giving away more stuff.  Pondering what stuff to keep, what stuff to donate and what stuff to store.  (WHAT in the world?) Why would I store stuff?

Thank you Father for clarity and giving me all this stuff in the first place.  Thank you for allowing me to choose to release some stuff and keep some stuff.  I love you and how you've continually provided for me!

May those who receive my stuff be blessed as much as I was when I had it!

With love,
Free Spirit Butterfly

"The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time."
-Mark Twain