GIVE it to HIM! All of it....

This was my "Vision Board" for my past, present and future. Now that I'm "saved", I now TRUST that the LORD has "it" all taken care of. All I had to do was relinquish control and turn "it" over to HIM! I've never felt more at peace! You should try it!

The American Dream

MY American Dream!
Our American Dream!


Under this tree, where light and shade speckle the grass like a Thrush's breast, here, in this green and quiet place, I give myself to peace and rest.

Is this incredible or what....

I was trying to catch the sun rise from my bathroom window and to me, it looks like I captured "The Cross"

January 16, 2009

Happy First President's Day, Mr. Obama!

No disrespect to the First Lady

but his intelligence and power just turns me on......

Being happy is a decision

What's it going to be?