What makes my happy pic #3

My green bliss.  The candle is from Missy and the card is from Carolyn.  The color is my beloved son's favorite!  Beautiful....just beautiful.

What makes me happy pic #2

My sweet sister in Christ, Laurie just sent this to me....YES, anyone who knows me knows that butterflies make me so, so happy. :-)

What Makes Me Happy? Pic #1

Today, because of my brother in Christ, blogger and Facebook friend, Wynn, I am going to be documenting a photo a day of the things that make me happy.  I was inspired by something he posted on Facebook yesterday and I'm looking forward joining him.

I am going to take a photo a day for the next 100 days of things that make me happy.  Below is my first photo.  This picture is on my bookshelf and it represents the remaining time I have left to work, if the Lord will it.  I'm super excited to see what's next and to see the time drawer nearer to my dream!