So much more

#330 praise circles....but so much more in my life and in my heart to praise Him for!

A Simple Vision and A Dream....

Father, you made her dreams come true and I am asking the same for me, according to your will.

My Lord, I want to list them because you are a BIG God and I rarely ask for "stuff." I have asked to stay in North Beach and I have asked for an awesome and fun job after I retire from the police department. I've also asked for some of the below things over the years, but I'm getting close to printing this blog book and therefore, I want to list my dreams so that when they come true, I can reflect on this very day and this very post. I'm not only trusting and believing in YOU, BUT I'm trusting and believing that if you say no to these dreams it's because you have something MUCH better in store for me.

Help me to take steps toward these dreams and make the timing yours. Time concerning people, places and things that would make it all come together and ONLY for your Glory. Let all these things that I've asked for ONLY BRING GLORY AND HONOR TO YOUR HOLY NAME. In Jesus' precious name, amen!

Here we go.............
To always live on the water
To sell my greeting card phrases
To sell my sky photos of you
To have my poems turn into praise and worship songs
To have one of my short stories turn into a play
To publish more books
To speak publicly in forums where women need encouragement
To sell mugs, plaques, book markers, etc...adding scriptures to my art
To work with seniors
To work with youth
To counsel the broken hearted
To hold bible study for young single girls and women

Feeling So #Loved

People who know me know that pennies are my #thing.  It's God's way of saying, "trust me!"

Here are some pennies from my sister Marty, Kathy Tuttle, Jackie Amick and Jackie Marceron!  Feeling the love!!!!!!!!!