What makes me happy pic #60

God is repeatedly whispering "trust me...." And, He is repeatedly proving to be #trustworthy.  He confirmed that on the beach in Rohobeth last weekend and by using Lynn to tell me so.  Yesterday, He did it again when He told my sweet sister, Melanie to buy this for me.  I was just standing in the sunlight minding my business when she walked up to me and placed it in the palm of my hand!  OH HOW I LOVE ME SOME JESUS!  The One who knows me! <3>

What makes me happy pic #59

Last year my sister in Christ, Caroline gave me one of these but it was orange w/a blue Morpho on it.  So, when I saw this box in the foyer of my condo unit with my name on it, I got so giddy inside as I anticipated it was the same thing from last year.  They don't last forever, but truly....nothing does besides the Salvation of God.

Sorry, I can easily get off subject when it comes to Jesus!

Anyway, this was in the box and I was teary eyed indeed.  I'm a free spirit butterfly and I just love people who know my love language!  I so "heart her" thoughtfulness when it comes to me.  #PRICELESS

What makes me happy pic #58

Until I retire, Thursdays are my friend.  YAY, it's Thursday!

What makes me happy pic #57

I love, love, love oreo cookies.  Strangely enough, I don't like the cream and neither does my dad or my son.  My coworker was eating some and I felt a bit envious.  But because God gave me the Spirit of self-discipline, I didn't eat any.  I'm cooking at church tonight and we'll have more than enough sugar. Lol

What makes me happy pic #56

God gave me a ginormous window beside my desk because he knew that I would be working with "people" who do not like sunlight.  I don't care how hard you try, you cannot keep the Son out. Lol

What makes me happy pic #55

His PROMISEs are true!  If we search for Him, we will find Him when we seek Him with all of our heart.  I found this "thing" on the ground yesterday and to me, it resembles a heart!  And not only that, Cathleen had just read Jeremiah 29:11-14 that morning during church service.

What makes me happy pic #54

I love chocolate almond icecream....not just any kind but the flavor at Dunkin Donuts.  It's seasonal and so, so #BLISSfully yummy! Lol

What makes me happy pic #53

Being at the BEACH makes me happy beyond words......and yes, any beach will do.  This one just so happens to be Rohobeth Beach.  I'd never been before and what a better time to go than to go with my sweet little sister Missy and The Church By The Chesapeake for their annual Women's Retreat!!!!!!  Only Jesus!

What makes me happy pic #52

I was at the library, but decided to sit in my card and study.  Praises and tears began to flow because of His goodness, grace and mercy.  Not only that, my presence and my obedience was able to bless a mom who's son just found out that he has cancer.  She walked up to my car and thanked for me a sign that I have taped on my glove box.  It reads, "What Did You Do For Jesus Today?"  She was lead by the Spirit to come over and speak with me.  Prayers for Richard.  Lord, you are the God who heals!

These were my tear drops...

What makes me happy pic #51

I love, love, love candy apples.  I could make them, but why not wait until fall when they make their grand entrance at the local grocery store?!?!? Lol

What makes me happy pic #50

I'm His Princess and He's coming back for me!

What makes me happy pic #49

This is the book we are currently studying.  I just love Beth Moore and her passion and energy for Jesus.  I am so excited to see what the Lord is going to reveal in my life through this study.  One of the first things that Beth talked about was coming outside of our comfort zones and our "clicks."  I'm so glad that I did that years ago.  And, wow....I've met some amazing people since bursting from my cocoon.  Not only that....one of her recent statement's couldn't have been more true.  She said that the very next person you meet could become one of the most dearest people in your life.  And guess what?  I just met a woman name Denise Fuller and she's a Christian, a writer and a blogger just like me.  How cool is that?!?!?!  Way cool if you ask me!

What makes me happy pic #48

I love this photo because even though it's been seven months, I still enjoy juicing.  Hey....don't you dare judge this "juice" by the cover/color.  It's so yummy. It's spinach, ginger, cilantro, carrots, an apple, a pear and a few slices of mango!

What makes me happy pic #47

I love this picture because it's so appropriate for where I'm currently living.  And I say currently only because when God is ready to move me, I want to be in a place of obedience and take my memories of living on the beach with me.  I will not pout...at least I pray that I don't...

What makes me happy pic #46

This is my daily wake up call.  I usually get up at 4:00 am but I over slept and by the time I heard the alarm, the time on the cell was displaying my birthday so I took a screenshot. But then again, it was also my day off so I was more than entitled to sleep in.  Yep, I love that He gives rest to thos HE loves!

What makes me happy pic #45

I love this picture because my sweet little sister, Nichole and her husband, Jeremy are having a baby girl.  Yay!!!!!!! I'm having a god-daughter and I could not be happier.  I simple cannot wait hold her, smell her, kiss her and love on her!

What makes me happy pic #44

I love this pic that I took :-)

I love it because it says, in my opinion - "stand out!"  I captured the time on my screenshot because it's my birthday.  July 14th :-)

What makes me happy pic #43

I got this pic in one of my e-mails from Reader's Digest.  I love writing, I love the color orange and I miss the typewriter.  I can't be the only one. Lol

What makes me happy pic #42

My sweet friend Trish sent me this pic from England.  Now that I have it here, I can always come back and view it as a reminder of God's sweet gift....a beautiful flower from a beautiful friend.

What makes me happy pic #41

It doesn't matter how many times I tell people not to buy me gifts, they keep on buying me gifts. Lol
Whenever they see butterflies, I immediately come to mind. How cool is that?!?! 
I truly have no room in my little condo for any more gifts, but that doesn't mean that I won't continue to accept them and treasure them.  Knowing that I'm on someone's heart; that they're thinking of me and wanting to express it....that's truly priceless to me!  So with that being said, keep on buying me stuff......lots of stuff! :-)

What makes me happy pic #40

This is us (my sisters and I) when we were young...
We are sitting with my beloved grandma!
 This is us now! WOW!  God is so good to have given us so much joy, love, wisdom, guidance and forgiveness.  I truly believe that my grandma is smiling down on us, knowing that we turned out ok...in spite of many obstacles and disappointments.  His Love Truly Endures and Sustains!  Jesus #Reigns!

What makes me happy pic #39

On this day I had to work late and believe it or not, there was no rush hour traffic as I headed home.  Just driving along with my arm out the window and the sun on my skin! I glanced at my wrist and saw this as a "photo opt" Yes, my kinda drive :-)

What makes me happy pic #38

My sweet son is on vacation in Miami and was asking about the word for the day.  The Spirit has anointed me to deliver encouragement daily to those whom he has chosen and it has been two years and counting...
Surely not I, but the Spirit that lives within me!  Oh how I love this child of mine.  He is my sweetest #Joy!

What makes me happy pic #37

This was King David's question tO the Lord Most High and I wholeheartedly agree...."Who Am I, Sovereign Lord...?"
I love that He is The Creator of the Universe and that He finds such great delight in me and my family!  Oh what love the Father lavishes on His chosen children!

What makes me happy pic #36

I love these girls! Anna and her sweet daughter, Rachel!

What makes me happy pic #35

I love these girls! Thea and Melanie!

What makes me happy pic #34

I love these girls. Jackie #1 and Jackie #2!