What makes me happy pic #33

This is my birthday chair from 2011.  I bought it used for $20.  I love the color orange, and then, my sweet sister Kara made this cover for me on Christmas (2013).  I love the color orange and butterflies, so it's just an ultimate feeling sitting in this chair and reading many of my favorite books!  Yep, it's one of my happy places.

What makes me happy pic #32

This picture makes me happy because I spent the day with Jesus and then I read my devotion later that night and Sarah's entry was just what I had done.  Taking time away from life and its many activities to draw near to My Lord and to draw strength from Him in order to move forward with His plans for me.  It is a necessity for my heath and overall well being. Without His replinishing, I am of no good to anyone, including myself.

What makes me happy pic #31

This confirms that my writing is what I'm meant to do! I wasn't meant to write just in my diaries as a young girl, I was meant to take all that pain and growth and share it with the universe :-) I guess it's the main reason why I have numerous blogs. Lol

What makes me happy pic #30

I was so in need of a "pick me up this morning."  SO I went to my happy place.  And not only did seeing my son make me happy, he was wearing my favorite color and I was wearing his.  He's so my precious baby boy! Yes, even at 26 years old!

What makes me happy pic #29

This PROMISE is so true.....whenever I call on Him, He answers me.  He has not let me down yet.  And, I doubt that He ever will. 

What makes me happy pic #28

Every since I read the book of Exodus in great detail, I just have such a deep passion for clouds.  Watching them is my ultimate bliss.  When I'm driving is when they seem to be the most magnificent and this one followed me all the way home.  The picture is blurry but my heart will always hold the memory!

What makes me happy pic #27

A sign of wisdom, maturity and #faith is when she surrendered and chose to let go of something that meant so much to her in order to get something she never dreamed possible!  Yes, that "she" is me.  At the end of each day, I get to go home to this.  #BEACHBABY :-)


What makes me happy pic #26

My son wanted to walk a footbeat with me to keep me company!  Absolutely #Priceless.  Nothing but LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What makes me happy pic #25

I love this picture because I am blessed to have a job! :-)

What makes me happy pic #24

I love this picture because these are my new friends, Trish, Gabe and Felix.  We met once about 3 weekends ago and I just may go to England next summer and sleep in Trish' guest room!  We shall wait and see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What makes me happy pic #23

I love to go here and be alone with God.  Although I do not get the room to myself, it absolutely feels like it because there is no talking allowed!  Yes, the is my #bliss

What makes me happy pic #22

I have the most amazing neighbors.  Look was waiting for me when I returned home yesterday.  A beautifully wrapped candy apple!  How sweet and how pretty is that?!?! I'm so loved :-)

What makes me happy pic #21

I know I shouldn't have, but I truly overpaid for these cherries yesterday.  I'm so grateful that He provides for all things; big and small.  I just love, love, love me some cherries.  #SUMMER Bliss

What makes me happy pic #20

I got this from the Christian Book Store.  It has my name written all over it. This is so me at Church.  I can't help but PRAISE HIS HOLY NAME!

What makes me happy pic #19

I love this pic not only because God continually provides our "daily bread" but because I absolutely love fresh fruits and veggies.  The produce section is my favorite place to go.  I was never really able to say that before, but it's my new passion and I pray that it will stay with me the rest of my life.  I'm a #juicejunkie.  Yes I am!

What makes me happy pic #18

This hangs on my outside door knob.  It's so true! I am a PRINCESS and my FATHER is the King of Kings! Yes, I am a Daddy's Girl. 

What makes me happy pic #17

This was on the way to Mother William's house.  She turned 89 on August 14th. WOW and WOW!  Suely a GOD thing :-)

What makes me happy pic #16

I love, love, love this pic because this is my beautiful little sister in Christ, Nichole and her beloved husband Jeremy.  They are expecting their first baby and I am the #proud god-mommy!  Answered prayers!  Yes, He hears and He cares!!!!!!!!!!!!  So excited I just cannot stand it!

What makes me happy pic #15

I love this pic because when you get in that "place" with GOD, the lyrics will completely humble you.  My hands just go up to praise Him without any effort from me.  It's the least that I can do!

What makes me happy pic #14

Yesterday, I saw His Glory and quiet tears fell as I was headed home.  He has such an affect on my heart...

What makes me happy pic #13

This pic makes me happy because after my 50 day #juicejourney (March 1st - April 19th), The Lord has surely shown me that His word is truth.  He gifted believers with a Spirit of self-discipline and I have a cup of coffee if I so desire and not because I need it to get through my day.  My only necessity is having His having his love, peace and forgiveness! 

What makes me happy pic #12

This picture gives such joy because in the midst of her grief for a dear friend and her concerns for her sweet grandson's health, my special sister in Christ, stopped to focus on me and my needs.  That's exactly what Jesus commands us to do and I am so grateful that our paths crossed.  But then, He knew that they would.

What makes me happy pic #11

My sweetest best friend, Rosa passed at the amazing age of 98.  I loved her so and my heart is filled with her loving memories and her gift of wisdom and humility.  #KNOWING that she is with Jesus gives my heart such joy!  He cares for and calls home those that are dear to him.

What makes me happy pic #10

I took this amazing photo and just looking at it makes me so happy.  Flowers have the ability to capture my attention...especially when I go for walks, when I first enter the grocery stores and when I'm driving along the roadways.  The happiest part is the fact that I'm becoming quite the photographer!  At least in my opinion. Lol

What makes me happy pic #9

These pics make me happy because having a door is a luxury at work.  I get to shut it when the "others" are getting a bit too loud and various other reasons....and not only that, but having a window is like prime real estate. This week I have the office to myself and get to let the sun shine in!  #BLISS indeed :-)

What makes me happy pic #8

OMG - Oh my goodness......coming home from work to find a GINORMOUS Yellow Butterfly waiting to greet me!  She was so huge and so WOW!  I dropped my bags and pulled out my ipad to take pics and a video.  This very thing happened to me when I first moved here.  A butterfly was at my door and stayed the entire night!  ONLY #Jesus could gift me with such an amazing thing!  He so knows my love language: The bible, the beach, books and butterflies!

What makes me happy pic #7

I love this pic because on a beautiful summer sunny day, I chose to sit at my table and study God's word.  The balcony door was open and I could hear the sounds of summer along with the gentle and subtle waves collapsing against the shore.  #Bliss

What makes me happy pic #6

I love this picture of my door because at the end of each day, I get to come "home."  Dorothy was never so right when she coined the phrase, "There's no place like home!"  I wholeheartedly agree!

What makes me happy pic #5

I have lived on the beach for over 3 years now (yay) and that has been without cable and internet.  I have an ipad and iphone so whenever the signals align properly, I get decent service.  Other than that, when I'm not at church or with friends and loved ones, I'm reading, praying, meditating and renting "free" movies from the library.  I just love libraries!!!!!!  :-)

What makes me happy pic #4

These pics make me happy because anyone who knows me knows that I love me some Jesus and to have shared this event with my daughter Tatiana, Melanie, Laurie and thousands of other women who feel the same was absolutely electrifying!