What makes me happppppy pic #100

This Truly Says It All :-)

What makes me happy pic #99

I love surprises. I came home to find this gift and penny in my doorway.  I couldn't wait to see what it was and who it was from.  However, there was no signature.  I thought the cop in me could do a handwriting  analysis, but I just couldn't figure it out.  Whoever it was loves me and knows that pennies are my #thing!  I was truly overjoyed and smiling so wide!

What makes me happy pic #98

In the back of my mind, I'm always concerned about my weight.  I'm always thinking about ice cream, but I rarely buy it because I don't want it in the house, tempting me to eat the entire container.  And the cost for a small one is truly overpriced. 

But on this day, as I said my final good-bye to Lesley, {pause:  Father, I praise Your name because she is with You!}

I stopped at the Diary Queen and bought a brownie sundae and I basked in the deliciousness of every single spoonful.  It was a beautiful and sunny day filled with possibilities :-)

What makes me happy pic #97

I remember seeing this photo last year and wishing that I had someone in my life that could relate to this very thing.  When I saw it again a few weeks ago, it resonated with my Spirit that JESUS is the Lover of My Soul.  That was the theme for my portion of the GBC Ladies' Retreat.  I love how He loves me.  Unlike anything I've ever experienced before.  And I'm certain without a shadow of a doubt that nothing and no one will ever come close to the #love that He and I share!  Yes, I've found the One that my soul loves.

What makes me happy pic #96

I went into my "not so secret place" at work to talk with a sweet friend and there this was on the floor.  Not a quarter, but oh yes..............25 pennies!

YES, I trust you JESUS!

What makes me happy pic #95

Knowing, trusting and #believing this promise!

What makes me happy pic #94

Not only did I forget the fact that I got paid this past Friday, I also forgot that I gave my sweet friend money to get me this beautiful blue leather jacket.  I'm usually a Wal-mart, Target and Payless kind of girl.  Yep, I so am.  But when I saw this on her, I just had to have one. She got me a great deal and I so #LOVE her for it! It will not keep me warm this winter, but it's so cute! Lol
#HIS grace abounds...

What makes me happy pic #93

This was my very first bible, purchased in 1996.  I didn't quite understand it at first.  I tried to read it from time to time, but I had "other" things that occupied my attention.  YOU get that way when you're living in survival mode, couple with control issues. 
In 1997, I because a Muslim.  For 10 quiet years.  Didn't understand that either....
In 2008, Jesus wooed me into a loving relationship with Him.  Upon receiving the gift of salvation, the bible came to life for me.  He is the bread of life and the living water.  MY LIFE IS #PROOF!

What makes me happy pic #92

This little "not so secret" place is where I go when I'm having one of those "moments" at work!
PRAISE THE LORD for HE is #good!

What makes me happy pic #91

My sweet sister Anna made this for me in February and I can't stop making it, again and again and again.  I even get a bit disappointed when I can't find strawberries.  So not cool :-)

So, so yummy!  Dannon yogurt, greek yogurt, oatmeal, granola and fresh fruit!  Blissfully delicious!

What makes me happy pic #90

I love Domino's Spinach pizza (way tooooo much)  and I love our study of Thessalonians more than that!  This was my Wednesday night bliss :-)

What makes me happy pic #89

I love this pic because when I get off work, she is my happy place.  This is my sweet friend Casey :-)