Sometimes we just simply cannot decide.  We have too many choices...and then when we finally make one.....WOW....serendipity!  :-)

Yesterday I was craving Chinese food (so not pregnant) LOL. 

The one that I like best is in Waldorf, Md.  Way too far to drive at times, but so worth it.  However, yesterday I needed to go past the cleaners and pick up my overdue laundry.  (Praise Him ---> Thank YOU God that I can afford to put my clothes in the cleaners).  Ok back to my short story.  I immediately smelt something yummy while walking into the cleaners and my brain shifted from wanting Chinese food to whatever that aroma was.  But then I paused...."make a decision Neicy..."

Steak and cheese...fries...wings...?????????

"No, I want Chinese." I said to myself:  So I headed across the highway to the other shopping center only to find that the restaurant that I was looking forward was across from the cleaners....where I was just moments ago.  And then, I was a bit anxious about what to order because I'd never eaten there before.  I heard that it was good but I'm so funny and picky about my "Chinese food."

Choices right? Way tooooo many.

Anyway, as I settled on my order, my sister called.  So I took a step back to speak with her and lo' and behold....there goes my #penny from God.  He's still asking me to trust in Him as my upcoming retirement is only a few months away!  I love HIM so much, seriously, after all that decision could I not trust HIM?!!