MY War Room!!

I absolutely loved the movie, War Room!  I love even more so that I have a "War Room" of my own! Not only that, I have many, many prayer journals where I can look back and see the faithfulness of GOD!  I have many, many unanswered prayers and I praise Him and THANK Him for the ones that He chose to say, "no" to.  I trust HIS Best is so much better than mine!

Above is Ms. Clara's "War Room" and all the pictures below are mines! My bedroom looks like "Crazy Faith" because I live alone, I can decorate any which way I choose! :-)
I praise and pray in my entire home.  There is POWER in the Name of JESUS!  I shall humble myself before my Lord! He has been too good to me and my family!  YES, I shall #praise Him all the days of my life!